Spanish word that can define an origami shape of a little bird, a bow tie or a plant Linaria Vulgaris.

A word as versatile as us!



A PAJARITA is my personalized, romantic and artistic vision, of what should be the celebration of a remarkable moment in your lives. My training and professional experience are related with the field of visual arts, so my passion for papers, paints, textures, combinations, and creation comes from there.  

Each event, each wedding, is like a white canvas to me. Inspired by your stories and based in the small details of your identity, your tastes, your journeys, me and my team gradually fill this white canvas and in the end, this white canvas becomes the essence of what truly represents you.

Whether in the act of creating  the invitations and paper notes, whether in the act of drawing your whole day from the start, we are happy giving  life to something that has never been done before , something that  is only yours and that  belongs only to you.

It is your happiness that makes us happy.

Alexandra Barbosa

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