It all starts in the papers.  In the touch and scent of papers. My experience in fine arts has made me fall in love with the print and watercolor papers, preferably those with a cotton base.

When people contact me to request draw wedding invitations and other paper notes that define the identity of these celebrations, such as menus, place markers, greeting cards, etc, i know that this moment is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Moreover, I know that we are going to talk a lot and from this exchange, a unique and unrepeatable idea will born.

From there, I get to work, in a very organic process, which always starts with paper, pencils, brushes and paints. I never get two equal results, and that´s the magic of any artwork. But, if you think about it, two people can be remarkably similar but not exacly alike, right? That is the magic of life.





As I said before, it all starts in the papers. It can also end in the papers. If the order is restricted to invitations and all other elements in paper that we call stationary.

in some cases,  my work begins in the papers and only ends on  the wedding day, to make sure that everything is in its place, to solve any last-minute tribulations, to thrill myself  surrounded by happy people and admiring the way PAJARITA ´s work leaves the white canvas to gain life . The days set up from the start are commitments that we take with soul and heart, and we are truly with you from beginning to the end. We help you make all the choices towards (from the reception to the groom´s shoes) and we take care of the decoration and flowers (including, of course, the bouquet).

Because it all began in the papers and in the creative work developed through them, all the other wedding details will fit into that identity. your identity. No copies, no repetitions, lots of dedication and lots of creativity.

It´s a great honor for me being with you throughout this journey  creating every detail of your stories exactly as you dreamed it. At the end of the party, I like to collect the flowers used in the decoration and offer the women guests a bouquet, in the farewell. This way, the party will continue.